About Cory's Cakes

Cory began baking cakes for family gatherings at her home in 1978. People liked her cakes and began placing orders for their own parties. Cory was averaging one cake per day and two cakes on the weekends.

In 1982 Cory moved into her new home and brought her baking along. Cory’s sister Hilma came in to help with wedding cakes. At this time Cory introduced her “Pan De Polvo Cookies.”

By 1986, the baking had taken over her home and it was time to get out. So the family remodeled their old home and turned it into a large bakery. Around 1990 another sister, Taña, came in and introduced them to a variety of pastries, this was the beginning of Cory’s baskets and platters.

Cory’s entire family has contributed to her success throughout the years. Cory has great, dedicated employees who have helped to make the bakery what it is today. Several employees have been by Cory’s side for more than 15 years.

Today you will see Cory along with her sisters Hilma, Taña and Josie working at the bakery. The bakery is their passion, their sanctuary, their heart.

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